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November 2017


The project was started by Margaret Jans, a Dutch missionary who arrived in Serbia in 1994. God gave her a heart for the very marginalized and discriminated against Roma people and she realized that they were trapped in a cycle of illiteracy, poverty and petty crime.


In 2003 a half vinished three story building was bought and named Romski Centar Oaza ("Oasis"). The basement is used as a church for the local Roma and the Serbian fellowship and Miki Kamberovic is the Pastor.


Outreach: To reach out with the Good News of Jesus Christ and enable the local community to experience the love of God in action.

Education: Free pre-school education for Roma children (age: 2 to 6) To enable them to keep up with their peers when starting their formal education.

Humanitarion Aid: These families are so desperately poor it has to be seen to be believed. Oaza gives out monthly food parcels which literally help some families stay alive



For several years we have sent small teams over in the summer to help out in whatever way is needed. Our teenagers have helped at Oaza's summer camps for Roma children.


In aid of the Running cost of the Centre

As well as for the OAZA team members

Miki & Suzana, Milja, Mira, Sanja, Bozidar & Alika,   

Fatima, Dragana.   Serbian Nationals, loyal Christian servants, who

 have been giving all their time in aid of the Centre and the Children

 since the official opening in 2003.

Originating from:

Canford Magna Missions committee

  Lantern Mission Group

  A number of Lantern members by Monthy Standing order



For the team members - for spiritual gifts - wisdom and their well-being and for increasing financial support (rising costs are a constant threat).  

If you would like to give financially to this ministry you can download a standing order mandate  or for the latest prayer requests from Serbia please contact the Church Office