Here you will find all of the necessary information for safeguarding at the Lantern. Our Safeguarding Policy is an essential document containing all of the important information surrounding Safeguarding at the Lantern. You can download this document here: 

Our Safeguarding Policy

As well as our policy we have some great people that oversee safeguarding in our Parish, here are some of the key people that are responsible for different areas: 

  • Diocesan Safeguarding advisor [dsa] - heather bland  

    - Based at Church House, Salisbury. 

    - Works 9am-5pm Mon/Tue/Wed; and Thursday morning each week. 

    -Available for urgent safeguarding discussions 7 days a week, 8am-9pm on: 


  • Mrs Tracey Black: Parish Safeguarding Representative

    - Based at The Lantern Church Merley 

    01202 883630

  • Mrs Jane Hazell: Parish Safeguarding Representative

    - Based at Canford Parish Church, Canford Magna

    01202 882270

  • Mrs Tina Waterman: Parish Compliance Administrator

    - Based at St Barnabas Church Bearwood

    01202 573872